Such a boon

Hi guys! Happy new year! 🙂 I’ve been busy with a lot of things.. Didn’t have the time to blog so I’m greeting you a late merry Christmas and a happy new year HAHA Anyway, my family just received the best new year gift ever! A baby!!! 🙂


My auntie named her Maria Samuelle  🙂 I swear she’s the cutest!!! You see, babies make the whole family happy. We are so blessed to have her.



Summer like no other

Third day: Island hopping


cousins and titas

sweetest dog 🙂

My first time to see a real starfish haha So cool!! Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera. Wala tuloy picture. Flop.

I didn’t take photos after starfish island ‘cuz I was too busy enjoying the last one. Sorry 🙂


Palawan is such a beautiful place. Let’s protect our islands. SAY NO TO MINING IN PALAWAN!

New 7 Wonders of Nature

Second day: Underground river experience

Yep! We’re excited 🙂

One word – AMAZING!! I’m so thankful that I’ve seen and experienced the underground river 🙂 You should also visit Palawan and see what God has made for us. 🙂